C. & E. Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School Achieves Six-Year Accreditation Status

ACSWASCFullyAccreditedThe C. & E. Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School of Sherman Oaks, CA announces that it has been granted another six-year accreditation status by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC).  In a letter to Principal Lina Arslanian and dated June 30, 2017, the Accrediting Commission for Schools notified the School of its decision to award a full-term of accreditation based on all of the information provided by the School, including the self-study report, and the satisfactory completion of the on-site accreditation visit.  The six-year term of accreditation supports the School’s continuing efforts to foster academic excellence, provide Armenian and Christian education, and instill good moral values in our children.

During the past year, members of the Merdinian School community spent many dedicated hours seriously evaluating the School’s program.  The School community representatives worked side-by-side with the administration, faculty, staff and student representatives in extensive examinations of all aspects of the School.  With the information gathered, a comprehensive self-study report was written that reflected the overall nature of the School including areas of strengths and areas of needed growth.  From March 12-March 15, the Visiting WASC Committee, consisting of four members led by Sandy Ammentorp, met with School committee members and observed all aspects of the School program. They later shared their recommendations and commendations with the School community.  This report was sent to the WASC Accrediting Commission who, after careful study, granted the School full accreditation status.

The Merdinian School community is committed to providing a school that meets both the academic and spiritual needs of the students. Our capable faculty and staff, strong curriculum, and the love toward teaching and learning are among the reasons for that success.  We promise to continue to pursue this commitment with great joy.