Board News

Our Town Hall Update

A big “Thank You” to everyone who attended our Merdinian Town Hall Meeting last Thursday, April 19th!  Our prayer was that we would all move forward in working together on our goals and dreams for our school community, and that’s exactly what happened.

First, in response to parent requests, the Board agreed that the PTO should choose a second parent Board member for a one-year term in addition to the PTO President.

Second, regarding safety issues, the administration and School Safety Committee are working with law enforcement to develop enhanced prevention and response protocols.  Parents presented various suggestions for improving campus safety as well. The Board will consider these suggestions.

Third, the Board sent out surveys to assess homework and testing schedules in response to parent concerns expressed at our last Town Hall meeting.  The results have been compiled and Board members presented Power Point charts of the findings.  The data will now be analyzed to develop recommendations.

Fourth, after months of research and discussion by the Curriculum Committee, the Board voted to offer Eastern Armenian language classes for grades K-3 starting this next academic year.  Parents of students who will be in those grades will be contacted, so they may choose the language classes they want their child to attend.

Further discussion topics included the value of our Merdinian School culture and values.  Parents suggested that we focus on continuing to increase rigor and standards, on offering enrichment learning opportunities, and on shifting recess/lunch times to separate younger and older students on the playground.

Suggestions further focused on continuing our emphasis on building a foundation of faith, on recognizing the school’s recent sports achievements, and on instituting an expanded anti-bullying program.

A group of parents are forming an IT Booster Club, also.  They have identified resources and expert personnel, so we may continue to improve technology utilization on campus, as well as integrating more technology into the instruction and learning process.  They will coordinate with the Technology Committee.

This issue of “The Board Corner” is just an overview.  We will provide more information in upcoming updates.

And a final note . . . we very much appreciate all who participated in the very moving April 24 Genocide Remembrance on campus.  With God’s grace this first Christian nation is rebuilding.  What a witness we provide in the process, and what joy we take in being who we are.

“Pursue Excellence!”