Board of Directors

L to R: Ms. Zabel Proodian, Mrs. Tzoler Sagherian, Dr. Ivan Shnorhokian, Mrs. Juliette Abdulian (Vice-Chairperson), Dr. Vahe Nalbandian (Chairman), Mrs. Louisa Janbazian (Recording Secretary), Mr. Hovel Sarkissian (Treasurer), Mrs. Lina Arslanian (Principal), Ms. Henrietta Movsessian, and Mr. Harold DeMirjian
Absent: Mrs. Azniv Ghazanan, Ms. Helen Haig, Mrs. Rita Meneshian, and Mr. Vatche Terzian

Vahe A. Nalbandian, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board

The Charlotte and Elise Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School was founded in 1982 by a group of visionaries who believed in the importance of teaching our children the Armenian language, history, and their Christian heritage in their newly adopted homeland.

The school started with very modest beginnings, utilizing the facilities of the United Armenian Congregational Church in North Hollywood.  As the student population grew, it moved to more spacious rented premises and eventually to its current location.  A generous bequest by Ms. Elise Merdinian enabled the school to acquire its present campus.

The school’s growth was fueled initially by the influx of immigrants from the Middle East.  This was followed by immigration from our motherland, Armenia.  Our students are a diverse group, representing different religious affiliations, countries of origin, and spoken dialects.

The school’s mission is to provide the best possible quality of education in a safe and nurturing environment, based on Christian principles.  Teaching students the scriptures is an important part of our mission.

We thank our parents for entrusting the care of their children to Merdinian School.

Vahe A. Nalbandian, Ph.D.
Chairman, Board of Directors