Board of Director’s Update

Dear Merdinian Families,

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe. There is much going on in our communities and the world, and now, more than ever we are reminded of the importance of God’s blessing that surrounds us. Thank you for your patience and continued engagement with the School Reopening Task Force. We value your feedback, suggestions, comments, and questions. We will continue to stay connected weekly with new updates and information. This week:

1. Preschool Action:

On Wednesday, August 5, 2020, the Board of Directors APPROVED the opening of the Merdinian Preschool for in-person instruction. This decision is not made lightly. The school administration and preschool team developed the Preschool Reopening Guidelines that were approved by the Board and will be available online. Following this, there will be more information and instruction regarding how to prepare for the first day of in-person instruction. Please note the important Preschool dates and deadlines as we have a waiting list for preschool families:

Registration application to participate for in-person preschoolMonday, August 10, 2020 3:00 PMPlease contact the school office
August Tuition Payment for in-person preschool.Monday, August 17, 2020Please contact the school office
Request a refund for Preschool RegistrationMonday, August 10, 2020 3:00 PMPlease contact the school office
1st day of in-person preschoolMonday, August 24, 2020Welcome Letter to follow

2. K-8 Grade Updates:

Distance Learning start date has changed. Classes will begin online on Monday, August 24, 2020. A Welcome Letter will follow with the following information:

  • Daily Schedule and Curriculum
  • Orientation information for Kindergarten
  • Textbook & Technology Pick-up Schedule/Appointment will take place August17-19. More information to follow.

**The DEADLINE to request a Registration refund for K-8 is August 14, 2020 at 3:00 PM. Please contact the school office**

3. Tuition & Fees Update:

  • Parent Involvement fee will be suspended for 2020-2021 academic year
  • Security Guard Fee will be suspended for K-8 during the duration of Distance Learning
  • A Technology Fee will be assessed to the Kindergarten registration

4. School Reopening Waiver Update:

In our last communication, we shared that as of July 27, 2020 no such waiver existed for Los Angeles County. On Tuesday, August 4, 2020, we received notification that Los Angeles County Department of Public Health WILL NOT be releasing a K-6 School Reopening Waiver, per State guidance. Please see link below:

As the School Reopening Task Force continues to meet each week, we will keep such communication. We thank everyone for their patience, care, and engagement through this process.

Wishing everyone a safe weekend! School Reopening Task Force

Update #2 from Merdinian’s Safe Reopening Taskforce


Dear Merdinian Families, 

We hope this memo finds you and your families in good health. Please accept our sincere gratitude for your patience, as we critically assess and strategize all the components necessary to open Merdinian School for the 2020-21 academic year.

As you know, our Reopening Taskforce has been examining every guideline and contemplating every possible option presented by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Los Angeles County, and the State of California public health agencies.

We have assembled the basic tenets of our safe reopening guidelines and reaffirm that our primary goal is to secure the safety of our students, staff, and families while providing a traditional school experience, as much as possible.

With that said, we invite you to participate in a virtual Town Hall On Wednesday, July 22nd at 7:00 p.m. Further details will be shared soon. 

As of now, our plan is to reopen the school and invite our students back on campus for in-person instruction, starting on August 20th. As you know, the COVID-19 situation is extremely fluid and new guidelines can force us to alter our course. We will notify you if necessary and keep you updated on our plans to safely reopen Merdinian. 

Below you will find the preliminary guidelines that we will likely follow.

These guidelines are based on the current state of the pandemic, as well as current operating rules from the State of California. We will revise the guidelines to accommodate any changes to the aforementioned, as necessary.

Safe Reopening Tentative Guidelines During COVID-19

Class Size & Physical Distancing:

  • The school will be divided into zones, for the primary purpose of creating spaces where students will be assigned for learning purposes
  • In their assigned classroom, students will be allotted the recommended safe distance from each other.
  • Students will receive instruction in the same room.  
  • During all activities, efforts will be made to abide by social distancing recommendations.

Arrival Procedures:

  • There will be at least 2-3 designated drop-off areas to allow for the implementation of required health screenings and to avoid overcrowding.
  • Upon arrival, all students and staff are required to wear masks at all times. 
  • Students’ temperatures will be taken and recorded, upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature at or above 100.4 will not be allowed to enter the campus.
  • Parents or caretakers will not be allowed to enter the campus. (Parents of Preschool students will be advised with separate instruction.)

Departure Procedures:

  • Upon parent arrival, children will be escorted to the designated pick up areas.
  • Parents will sign out their child from outside of the building using the aforementioned predetermined system

Daily Activities and Hours:

  • The school’s hours of operation will remain the same. In order to allow staff ample time to adhere to CDC safety and disinfection guidelines, there will be no after school care at this time.
  • Classroom environments and student activities will be reconfigured and reimagined in a creative and child-friendly manner, in compliance with CDC guidelines.
  • Individually served lunches will be provided to students in their designated classroom

Hygiene and Sick Child Policy:

  • Any adult exhibiting signs of flu and/or COVID-19 symptoms will be required to leave the premises immediately and follow CDC guidelines for a safe return to school.
  • If a student exhibits signs of flu and/or COVID-19 symptoms, parents will be notified immediately and will be required to pick up the student. The student will be isolated in a designated room/area, with a staff member, until they are picked up. 
  • The student will be expected to follow CDC guidelines for a safe return to school.
  • Students and staff will be required to adhere to CDC hand washing policies.
  • All teachers and adults will be required to wear face coverings at all times.
  • Students must wear face coverings

As noted above, these preliminary guidelines are subject to change, to meet evolving policies and regulatory recommendations. Upon approval from the Merdinian Board of Directors, a final version of the guidelines and a waiver will be provided to parents for signatory agreement.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. We will remain in communication with you in the coming days and weeks. Together, we will overcome the unique challenges this year has presented. Your children, our students, are our number one priority. Now, more than ever, Merdinian School needs your support and partnership in meeting the above guidelines.

To fulfill all these requirements, the school will be required to augment its fiscal budget by making physical changes to the facility, hiring additional staff, and allocating additional funds for specific health and safety equipment and cleaning supplies. A COVID Health and Safety fee will be charged to each student.

We look forward to meeting with you at the upcoming Town Hall and to welcoming our precious children back to school in August.

Merdinian Reopening Taskforce

Commencement Exercises Held at Merdinian School Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and current public safety measures, the C. & E. Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School in Sherman Oaks, CA held its graduation ceremonies in the School’s parking lot, on Sunday, June 14, 2020. Beginning at 9:30 am, the School had three separate ceremonies.

At the Kindergarten Graduation, Principal Lina Arslanian pointed out in her remarks that due to the situation created by COVID-19, the School faced an urgent and unprecedented situation. In a matter of a few days, the School administration, and the teaching staff, in cooperation with the parents, managed to switch to distance learning and complete the school year. Following her speech, Mrs. Arslanian invited the Kindergarten graduates and their parents to approach the stage while staying in their cars to receive their diplomas and gifts.

Following the Kindergarten “drive through” graduation ceremony, the Elementary School graduates and their parents entered the School’s parking lot in their cars and parked. Hovhannes Benneian, the student with the highest average grade in the class, read his message in Armenian, and Adriana Arakelian, the student with the second highest average grade, read her message in English. Graduating students were then called to the stage one by one to receive their diplomas and gifts and be photographed in front of a special poster.

Finally, the eighth-grade students entered the School’s parking lot in their parents’ cars and parked near the stage area. Following the social distancing rules, each graduating student got out of their parents’ car and stood in front of the stage.

Julia Ayrapetyan

Julia Ayrapetyan, who had the second highest average grade in class, read her salutatorian message in English. She noted that she had only attended Merdinian this year, yet she was thankful to everyone for how well she was received. She added that she had gained so much knowledge in that short period of time, which will serve as a foundation for her future education, and for countless pleasant moments that will never be forgotten.

Nayiri Karadjian and Alexa Buchakian, who had scored the highest average grade in the class, read their valedictorian messages. Nairi in her Armenian message confirmed that Merdinian was not only a school but also a home that helped her grow and develop, sowing the seeds of success. In her English valedictorian message, Alexa mentioned the words of Winnie the Pooh, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard,” and added that, that something was Merdinian for her. She had spent eleven years in a place where she felt safe and secure. “My days at this wonderful school are unforgettable. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, and I am grateful to my teachers who inspired me and have always been by my side,” she said.

Hovsep Ayvazyan

Hovsep Ayvazyan, who scored the third highest average grade in the class, on behalf of his classmates handed Mrs. Arslanian a beautiful framed collage of the graduating class pictures to be displayed next to the previous years’ class photo collage.

The ceremony ended with a prayer offered by Lena Ekmekjian, Head of Merdinian’s Religion Department.

Merdinian has completed an unusual school year and the Class of 2020 will always remember that they are the graduates of an extraordinary year. Congratulations and bon voyage to the graduates!

Established in 1982, the C & E Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School is the only Armenian Evangelical School in the United States. The School offers a broad-based curriculum that fosters academic excellence, high moral values, and spiritual enrichment in the Armenian Evangelical tradition. The School strives to create a safe and nurturing environment where every student receives personal attention to become a successful and responsible individual. For more information, you may contact Principal Arslanian at 818.907.8149.

(Adapted by Louisa Janbazian from an Armenian article)

Merdinian School at United Armenian Congregational Church, Los Angeles, Sunday, October 27, 2019.

Merdinian was UACC’s Mission of the Month for October.

Our dynamic Principal Lina Arslanian had a powerful presentation about the School and its mission — the only Armenian Evangelical School in the United States, established in 1982 by the Armenian Missionary Association of America, Armenian Evangelical Union of North America and UACC with the support of the other local Armenian Evangelical Churches. After the Principal’s presentation a short video was presented about the School followed by two recitations by Peter and Sarah who are members of UACC and current students of Merdinian School.

Thank you Rev. Ron and UACC for your continued support and for giving us this opportunity to present and share with all of you.

Watch the video of our presentation at UACC.

Our Athletic Director and Head Coach, Zorik Isajane Named Armenia’s U16 Boys Basketball Head Coach

On September 19, 2019, the Basketball Federation of Armenia announced Zorik Isajane as the new head coach of Armenia’s U16 boys basketball team to compete in FIBA Europe in July 2020. Since 2015, Isajane has served as the athletic director and head coach of the Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School in Sherman Oaks, California. Previously, he served in the same capacity at the Tekeyan Arshag Dickranian School in Hollywood.  He was the head coach of Raffi in Iran from 2007-2009. After relocating to Los Angeles from Tehran, Isajane was an assistant coach at Glendale College from 2011-2015.

Isajane competed throughout FIBA Asia as a member of the Iranian national basketball team and also played professional basketball in Iran. His playing career included leading Tehran to a silver medal in men’s basketball at the first Pan Armenian Games in Yerevan, Armenia in 1999. Isajane also served as the top assistant coach of the gold medal winning Los Angeles men’s (2011) and women’s (2015) basketball teams in the Pan Armenian Games.

Joining Isajane on the staff are Sevag Ketenjian of Lebanon and Sargis Stepanyan of Armenia. The team will be comprised of players from Armenia and the diaspora born in the year 2004 or later. FIBA Europe will announce the site of the upcoming tournament in Europe in the next few months.

Article from Mirror-Spectator


Վերամուտ է։ Մերտինեան Վարժարանի տնօէնութիւնը, ուսուցչակազմը, աշակերտներն ու ծնողները երկու ամսուան դադարէ մը ետք, կը վերադառնան դպրոցական իրենց առօրեայ կեանքին ու մարտահրաւէրներուն։ Վարժարանս, 37-րդ տարին ըլլալով կը բանայ իր դռները հայ մանուկներուն եւ պատանիներուն դիմաց ու գրկաբաց կ՛ընդունի զանոնք, խոստանալով ապահով միջավայր, ուր հայ մանուկը հասակ պիտի առնէ ու զարգանայ հոգիով ու մտքով։

Երկուշաբթի, Օգոստոս 20, 2018, առաւօտեան ժամը 8-ին հնչեց դպրոցական ներկայ տարեշրջանի առաջին զանգը եւ Մանակապարտէզէն մինչեւ 8-րդ կարգի աշակերտները իրենց ուսուցիչներու ընկերակցութեամբ շտապեցին դէպի վարժարանիս «Արամ եւ Անայիս Տ. Պուլղուրճեան» սրահ, ուր իրենց կը սպասէին Տնօրէնուհին ՝ Տիկին Լինա Արսլանեանը, հոգաբարձութեան ներկայացուցիչ՝ Տիկին Րիթա Մէնէշեանը, Պատուելի Հէնրիկ Շահնազարեանը եւ վարժարանիս ծնողներու ստուար հոյլ մը։

2018-2019 տարեշրջանի բացման արարողութեան, աշակերտները նախ ամերիկեան եւ ազգային ուխտերը կատարեցին եւ ապա Տիկին Ալիս Տէր Գէորգեանի ղեկավարութեամբ` երգեցին զոյգ քայլերգները, որուն յաջորդեց Սաղմոս 23-ի արտասանութիւնը, կրօնի բաժանմունքի պատասխանատու՝ Տիկիn Լենա Էքմէքճեանի առաջնորդութեամբ։

Տիկին Արսլանեան ողջունեց բոլորը եւ ապա հրաւիրեց Պատուելի Հէնրիկ Շահնազարեանը, որ աղօթքով ու աշակերտներուն ուղղուած հոգեպարար պատգամով իր բարեմաղթութիւնները փոխանցեց Մերտինեան Վարժարանի մեծ ընտանիքին։ Ապա Տիկին Արսլանեան բեմ հրաւիրեց հոգաբարձական կազմէն Տիկին Մէնէշեանը, որ իր խօսքը փոխանցէ աշակերտներուն։

Տիկին Արսլանեան հաճոյքով յայտարարեց վարժարանիս աշակերտներու թուական աճին մասին եւ արագ ակնարկ մը կատարեց ամրան կայացած ճամբարի իրագործումներուն եւ յառաջիկայ տարուան իրագործելիք ընթացիկ ու նոր ծրագիրներուն վրայ, հաստատելով թէ, ընդառաջելով ծնողներու փափաքին, արդէն իսկ գործի կը դրուի արեւմտահայերէնի զուգահեռ, արեւելահայերէնի դասաւանդման կրթական ծրագիրը նախակրթարանի առաջին երեք դասարաններուն մէջ։ Ան յորդորեց ծնողները գործօն մասնակցութիւն բերելու վարժարանի առօրեայ աշխատանքներուն, յանձնարարելով, որ սերտ կապեր ունենան դպրոցին հետ՝ կամաւոր ծառայութիւններ մատուցելով անոր։

Ապա Տիկին Արսլանեան ներկայացուց 2018-2019 տարեշրջանի ուսուցչական կազմն ու պաշտօնէութիւնը, բոլորին մաղթելով առողջ, յաջող եւ իրագործումներով լի տարեշրջան մը. ան իր երախտագիտական զգացումները յայտնեց անոնց, որոնք ոգեւորութեամբ աշխատեցան սատարելով նոր տարեշրջանի հեզասահ ընթացքին։

Բացման հանդիսութիւնը փակուեցաւ «Հայր Մեր»ով, որմէ ետք աշակերտները նոր խանդավառութեամբ մեկնեցան իրենց դասարանները, հանդիպելու իրենց ուսուցիչներուն, նոր ու նախկին դասընկերներուն եւ սկսելու նոր տարեշրջանը նոր յոյսերով, նոր խանդով։

Նոյն օրը ժամը 9:30-ին տեղի ունեցաւ Մերտինեան Վարժարանի Նախամանկապարտէզի վերամուտի հանդիսութիւնը։

Խօսք առաւ Նախամանկապարտէզի պատասխանատու Տիկին Մարիժան Գէորգեանը, որ իր կարգին ողջունեց բոլոր ծնողները վստահեցնելով, որ Մերտինեանի Նախամանկապարտէզին մէջ իրենց զաւակները պիտի վայելեն սէր, գուրգուրանք եւ հոգածութիւն։ Ապա բոլորը ուղղուեցան իրենց դասարանները, ուրկէ կէսօրին մեկնեցան տուն։

Բարի վերադարձ դպրոց ու բարի տարի։