Expected School-Wide Learning Results

C. & E. Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School will prepare its graduates to be:

Compassionate Christians Who
  • Understand and practice the principles of the Christian faith
  • Live a Christ-centered life.
Responsible Armenian American Citizens Who
  • Know, appreciate, and take pride in Armenian history and culture
  • Have a positive impact on local and global communities.
Effective Communicators Who
  • Courteously and professionally interact with others
  • Express ideas and opinions with clarity and respect
  • Listen actively.
Analytical Thinkers Who
  • Can think creatively and generate new ideas, processes, and products
  • Can engage in open-minded, reflective, and inquisitive methods.
Thoughtful Leaders Who
  • Are honest and goal-oriented individuals who are willing to serve others
  • Collaborate with peers and practice mindfulness.
Effective Technology Explorers Who
  • Connect ideas across disciplines
  • Understand how to effectively use social media
  • Use available resources to advance their quest for knowledge.