Johns Hopkins University Talent Search Contest Results!!!!!!

Marianna Dzhuryan, currently a 7th grader as well as Andrew Manikyan, Lark Kabakian, and Raffi Karapetian, currently 8th graders participated in the Talent Search Contest organized by Johns Hopkins University during the end of the last academic year. Marianna took the SCAT test as a 6th grader competing with 9th graders. Andrew, Lark, and Raffi took the SAT test as 7th graders competing with 12th graders. We proudly announce that all students have scored remarkably high achieving results that are respectively better than the results of 9th and 12th graders nationwide. Andrew has scored better than 84 percent of the 12th graders in the Reading/Writing section and better than 73 percent of the 12th graders in the Math section. Lark has scored better than 79 percent of the 12th graders in the Reading/Writing section.

We congratulate the students, their parents, and teachers and wish them greater successes in the years ahead.

The Merdinian Faculty is committed to providing an optimal learning experience for each student and preparing them for their journey in High School.


TERRANOVA is a norm-referenced, nationally standardized achievement test that Merdinian School adopted in May of 2017.  Achievement tests are designed to measure a person’s level of skill, accomplishment, or knowledge in a specific area.

We are proud that most of our students have achieved remarkable results!
Congratulations to our students, teachers, and parents!

2016-2017 Academic Year
Percentile Ranks

For example, if a student’s scale score converts to a national percentile rank (NP) of 71, the student scored higher than approximately 71 percent of the students in the national norm group.  Therefore, the student falls in the top 29 percent of the students in the national norm group. NP does not refer to the percentage of the items answered correctly.