Welcome to Merdinian!

Merdinian is known for its academic excellence, personalized approach to education, and commitment to inspiring leadership in all students, one student at a time. We emphasize 21st-century learning skills through our innovative and enriched curriculum and by focusing on the individual development of each student from Preschool through 8th Grade.

Our campus is a caring community that inspires, provides, and supports a culture of excellence and where teaching and learning happen with enthusiasm and positivity. Merdinian’s curriculum is aimed to not only develop a student’s intellect, but shape each student’s character.  Teachers and staff empower the students to become compassionate Christians, responsible Armenian-American citizens, effective communicators, analytical thinkers, thoughtful leaders, and effective technology explorers.

The classrooms represent our community in which students explore and learn about character values of being welcoming, loving, respectful, compassionate, grateful, humble, giving, responsible, and dedicated. As an Armenian school, we also teach the Armenian language, history, and religion to shape globally-minded scholars who feel connected to their identity, culture, heritage, and traditions.  Alongside our academic curriculum, Merdinian works to foster positive pillars of character among students, where they are encouraged and challenged to do their best and provided with opportunities for growth and development, so they can achieve and excel in all their efforts.

This year, we are celebrating a big milestone – the 40th Anniversary of our founding. While teachers and uniforms have varied by decade and so much has changed in this world, Merdinian has continued to remain true to its core commitment: offering students the best education and teaching them how to become upstanding citizens and lifelong learners. This anniversary will be an opportunity to reflect and honor the past and serve as an opportunity to evaluate, adjust, and re-focus to achieve a great education. Together we will prepare the next generation of servant leaders in our communities. That’s why our theme this year is Honoring the Past & Shaping the Future. To all our alumni, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, current students, supporters, and friends: thank you for helping to make Merdinian great for 40 years! We are fortunate to be able to continue building on the foundations that were set by our founders and hope that you will join us in celebrating this profound place.

The magic of Merdinian is best experienced in person. So, I invite your family to visit and witness our incredible learning community firsthand. I have no doubt that it will make you – and your child – want to become a Merdinian Monarch!

Dr. Ohanian

Dr. Souzy Ohanian Named Principal of C. & E. Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School

Dr. Souzy Ohanian, a lifelong educator with more than 30 years of experience in administrative leadership and elementary and middle school instruction, has been appointed to the position of Principal of C. & E. Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School.

“At this pivotal moment in preschool, elementary, and middle school education, the Merdinian Board of Directors is thrilled to announce that Dr. Souzy Ohanian has agreed to serve as the next principal of Merdinian,” said Tzoler Oukayan, Chair of the Merdinian Board of Directors. “Throughout her decades-long career in educational leadership, she has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to students’ high academic achievement and personal growth and has prioritized faculty and staff development with remarkable success. We are eager to welcome Dr. Ohanian to the Merdinian community and work together to implement her guiding vision as we write the next chapter of the Merdinian story.”

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